w00t! 4,000 followers on SoundCloud!

Thanks for all the support out there! Very gratifying. A lot of folks are listening and commenting on tracks, and I’m now starting to get comments by mail because a couple of the tracks don’t have any more room!

I apologize if you’ve sent me a message on SC and I haven’t responded yet. I’m still catching up on the backlog. I’m also busy starting a new company, which is a big undertaking, and I’m spending a lot of time with our newly adopted teens from Ukraine. If that wasn’t enough, I’m writing a book about our harrowing adoption journey.

So I’m a bit swamped, to say the least, but am still working to carve out some time to master some tracks and finish my next mix. It’s actually a rework/remix of Awake, but full of latin percussion and influences. It’s called, “Awake (in Rio).”

Blessings and Peace,

- Bash

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