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New Track: Steps


Hope y’all dig this new groove for the holidays. I’m categorizing it as “crankable chillout techhouse.” I wish you all the most blessed Christmas, Hanukah and New Year!

In this voicemail, Imogen Heap informs me that the Cake is a Lie


So… I started working in the studio last night recording greetings for the new voicemail system for my new tech startup, Platforms LLC, and this sorta just came out… BashCoder – Voicemail for Platforms LLC by BashCoder

w00t! 4,000 followers on SoundCloud!


Thanks for all the support out there! Very gratifying. A lot of folks are listening and commenting on tracks, and I’m now starting to get comments by mail because a couple of the tracks don’t have any more room! I apologize if you’ve sent me a message on SC and I haven’t responded yet. I’m…

New Minimal Track: Platforms


It’s been several months since I’ve uploaded anything new, as we have been in Ukraine adopting some awesome new kids. I hope you like this track, which sort of minimal-house-techno-groove thingy. BashCoder – Platforms (Unmastered) by BashCoder

How to Build a Following on SoundCloud


I’ve had a decent bit of success developing a network of followers at SoundCloud over the past few weeks, so I thought I would share a few thoughts about what I’ve learned. If you follow these steps, within a few weeks you could have your own thriving network of friends and followers. It takes a…



New House Track: Rescued


Recorded this new track over Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and No-Name Saturday. I do hope you enjoy it, and have a blessed Easter! BashCoder – Rescued by BashCoder

New Track: Liberty


BashCoder – Liberty (Preview) by BashCoder